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Dodge - Official site, build your own SUV, Crossover, Minivan or Car.

Jeep - Official site of Jeep SUVs & Crossovers.

Mopar Official site, buy Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat Parts & Accessories.

Mopar Search - A unique search engine providing results from the internets best Chrysler, Dodge, Dodge Truck, Plymouth, Jeep and Mopar related sites and resources.

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We are proud members of the following:

Automotive Enthusiast Ring - An online community devoted to Car and Truck Enthusiasts. The ring was built to promote automotive sites providing information and resources about all vehicles. Cruising the ring is a great way to locate web sites or pages containing information and resources about all things automotive related.

Mopar Enthusiast Ring - An online Mopar Or No Car community built for Mopar enthusiasts around the world. If your a fan of Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth vehicles you'll check out this site.

SEMA Action Network (SAN) - A unique partnership between car clubs, individual enthusiasts and members of the specialty automotive parts industry who work together to promote pro-hobby legislation. SAN members receive legislative updates as bills are introduced in their states, including contact information for particular lawmakers or committees that will decide a bill's fate. In addition, SAN members receive information about legislative issues through a monthly newsletter, Driving Force. Best of all, joining the SAN is FREE and carries no obligations.

Top 100 Automotive Enthusiast Sites - Top automotive sites featuring the internets best car, truck, club, off road, 4x4, parts, services and truck sites.

Top 100 Truck Enthusiast Sites - A collection of truck related resources including Big Rig sites, Classic Truck sites, Club sites, Truck Enthusiast sites, Modern Truck sites, off road and 4x4 sites, Parts and services sites and more.


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We are always looking for Mopars to add to 440'S Mopars Of The Month. To participate you must own a Mopar of some kind. (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Desoto, Amc, Jeep, Dodge Truck, etc.) It can be your daily driver or your mopar race car or maybe your mopar show car it does not matter WE WILL POST IT !

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