1973 PLYMOUTH Roadrunner Torred Red, 0 mi, ,Real 1973 Roadrunner, fresh 1970 rebuilt 440 with mid range cam, 4 bbl, auto, Very very clean and straight, new battery, bushings, brake booster, This is a true 1973 Roadrunner, not a clone. Torred Red, Tan interior. Bottom end: They block spray cabinet cleaned it, magnaflux tested, and bored .030 over. New cam bearings, brass freeze plugs, stock steel crank cut .010/.010, Trimetal rod and main bearings. Factory LY connecting rods, reconditioned Keith Black KB237 pistons, cast rings for street use., Mellug M63 oil pump. Top end: Cast iron 906 heads, re-surfaced and magnafluxed, valve job performed with new seals. Stock valve size. Stock non-adjustable rocker and push rod assemblies. Edelbrock aluminium 4bbl intake manifold, Summit flat tappet hydraulic cam and lifter kit, # SUM-6401, advertised duration 282/293 .465/488 lift, 109 center-line 2000-5500 RPM, SA double roller timing set. and new big Holly 4 barrel. At that time I also had put in a Hughes torque converter, # 37 rh 24sp 4po 2.5k. When the engine was out, replaced all the front end bushings, the brake booster, cleaned and coated the gas tank, new battery, and shocks, air shocks in the rear and much more. $20K obo 203-846-4168

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