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Step 3: Site and Contact Information

Please answer the following questions to suggest a Mopar business site to be reviewed by the Mopar Enthusiast Directory staff:

Fields with a are required for your suggestion to be submitted.

    Enter the name of your business. Please make sure that the title is no longer than six (6) words and not all capital letters (e.g. MY BUSINESS or MY BUSINESS SITE, etc.).

    In order for us to make sure your business is listed correctly, we must know the URL (address) of your business site. Please input the exact URL that you want listed below.

    Enter your business description below. Remember that the description should be a concise representation of what your business offers.

    These minimum guidelines should be followed or your request will be ignored:

    • Descriptions must be no longer than 25 words.

    • Descriptions should not contain words in all capital letters.

    • Please Do Not Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.

    • Do not include HTML tags.

    • Please refrain from using any marketing language or slogans. For example, phrases such as "the best," "the first," "the only," "the leader (or leading)," "We're Number One," or "The Best Mopar site on the Internet!" Anything that could be construed as marketing language should be avoided in the comment.

    • Do not restate the title of your site.

    • Descriptions containing only keywords will not be accepted

    Your Contact Information - Your Contact Information - In the event that we have questions about the placement of your business site and to ensure that listings in the 440magnum Network Mopar directory are up to date, please provide the following:

    (If you have any questions about how we use the personal information we gather, please read our Privacy Policy section.)

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