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1977 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4
1977 Dodge Ramcharger 4×4, photo from the Chrysler archives.

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Welcome to our Dodge Ramcharger Directory! A comprehensive list of links and resources to personal and business web sites devoted to Dodge Ramcharger vehicles. Have a Dodge Ramcharger web site or related business site? Submit your Dodge Ramcharger site for review and inclusion in the Mopar Enthusiast Directory. – Home of Dodge Ramcharger owners and enthusiasts. Built for Ramcharger owners to show off their rides and non owners to find out more about these cool sport utility vehicles built by Dodge.

1974 Dodge Ram Charger By Greg Farler – I have had my Dodge Ram Charger for 7 years. I stumbled across it buried in some blackberry bushes. It did not run at the time but all it needed was a new battery and some gas. Featured on the Mopars Of The Month site March 2011.

1974 Dodge Ram Charger By Jeff Claude – I have owned this for 17 years and have yet to kill the stock 318 that is in it. I have given up, so now I am in the process of body work and paint, and I am also building a 410 stroker motor for it. Featured on the Mopars Of The Month site January 2012.

1974 Dodge Ram Charger By Keith Rasmussen – Purchased 5 years ago for $400.00 from original owner… sat next to a barn for 5 years, saw it, had to have it! Tossed in a battery and some gas and drove her home! Have lifted it 6 inches, threw on a set of 35″ Dunlop Radial Mudders. Featured on the Mopars Of The Month site August 2007.

1974 Dodge Ram Charger 4×4 By Levi Henry – This is my pride and joy. Right now she is a weekend cruiser but I am collecting parts and plan on a full body off resto. Its got a 360, 727 auto, four wheel drive and a/c. Featured on the Mopars Of The Month site December 2008.